Government jobs have its sets of benefits, such as lots of holidays, paid leaves, extra hours and working freedom. Compared to the private sector, where you have to work hard for every penny, it shouldn’t surprise us why people are are so interested in Sarkari Naukri nowadays.

What is Sarkari Naukri?

This is the largest job portal in India where people can browse government jobs. Jobs are divided into sections and categories, and the whole website is easily managed. Even though it has a bit outdated interface, this website contains a lot of useful and beneficial information. The news is updated daily, and people can track the latest job posts.

What jobs in India are well paid?

ias-preparationIndian Administrative Service – this is one of the most popular occupations in India. No person has not heard about this job. It is hard to qualify for this job and job exam is rather difficult, and many people fail to pass the next circle. Union Public Service Commission is the responsible for the exam, and IAS officers are carefully selected. In the end, they are greatly compensated for their effort. Candidates can take a position in Central Government and the State Government.

Energy and Petroleum PSU – it’s not a secret that this industry makes a lot of money and state doesn’t have a problem to share that money with the employees. Energy companies are among highest paying companies, and some of them are even ranked by Forbes. Some these companies have graduate programs for the student in their last years in college. In this type of job, there is a difference between working position offshore and working in an office in the city. Of course, the offshore job is better paid.


Jobs in defense system are one of the most respected ones. The security of the whole nation depends on them. The pilot job is one of the most paid in the government system. The same conditions are applied on coast guards. If you manage to enter into one of these programs, you can expect a great respect and high salary. There are a lot of test candidates must pass, but that is expected since the national security is in question.

Bank jobs are the synonym for the money. So, you can expect this to be one of the most profitable jobs in India. There are many perks working in a bank; you have job holidays, great salary, the low-interest rate on loans and retirement benefits. For example, if you want to retire early, the bank is obligated to pay you certain amount of money. If you manage to land a job in Bank of India or State Bank of India, then you have guaranteed the stable high income and secured your job till retirement. To get a job here, you will need to pass certain exams, but they are not that hard as many people think. You just need a good preparation.